Sam Kohn
CEO & Founder

Nobody ever calls me just to say hello.SM
National Equity Funding is a boutique firm specializing in private money lending services known as "hard money".

Loans are equity based and collateralized by commercial, residential, industrial and raw-land real property ranging in size from $100,000 to $10,000,000. We provide funding for various types of loans including bridge, cash out, opportunistic purchases, rehabs, foreclosure and bankruptcy bailouts, mid-construction loans and discounted note purchases. National Equity Funding and its associates offer more than 65 years of lending and business expertise to custom tailor each loan to best suit the borrower's requirements.

Our Competitive advantages are great. We are connected to direct lenders not just in California, but nationally. We listen to you, ask questions to confirm your concerns and then provide responsive solutions to your needs. In some cases we have funded in as little as four days.

Packaging and Managing Your Loan Request

We create a clear, accurate and concise loan request to submit to our lender, including a detailed Executive Summary with verified information. All lenders want to know the following when considering a loans viability:

  1. Benefit to the Borrower
  2. Equity in the Property
  3. Exit Strategy

Providing these answers in a straightforward creditable approach enables National Equity Funding, Inc. to help get your loan request funded.